Tomato-paprikasalad with tuna

Serves 4:
1 tin artischokes (240 g)
1 tin tuna in oil (200 g)
3 big tomatoes
1 cucumber 
1 green paprika (pepper)
2 onions
85 g black olives
8 peperoni (hot peppers)
Aceto Balsamico (special vinegar)
olive oil
1 teaspoon mild mustard

preparation: Cut tomatoes, cucumber, paprika and onions 
in slices, add pieces of artichokes, tuna, olives and
peperoni. Make a saladsauce with vinegar, mustard,salt
sugar, pepper and oil. Spoon sauce over the other ingre-
dients. Wait for about one hour before serving the salad.

recipe by Monika Gober
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